How to make your website a failure?

Internet now is not a luxury thing, so it is not a weird idea to run your business online. Millions of company own their website and too many of them do not have an effective and attractive online presence. You have heard too much about how to set up a successful website, too much about tips for optimize your online business but few about what makes your site totally fail. Here is where I tell you how to FAIL to run your website? And it is your choice to follow my advice or otherwise bring success to your online store.

What is failure?

Quite simply, a website with little or no traffic is a failure. Without traffic on your site, then how could anyone ever contact you or hire you? How can they find out about your product? How would they know where you are located and that you have the exact thing that they are looking for?
How to make your website a failure
The fact is millions of company are doing their online business but surprisingly, too many of them are making the same mistakes. Do not laugh at them, you might be one of them even when your website seems to be perfect.

#1. Be me-centric
Please remember You are the only person who care about you that much. No one else does. It’s going to be about your company, of course, but it also has to be about your customers – what they want, the information they need about your products, information that may relate to their interests or improve their experience with your product.
If you’re just droning on about product specs, or if your homepage is little more than displaying what you’ve got for sale, it’s going to be tough to keep the interest of site visitors. In other words: being boring and lose your customers.

#2. Be cluttered
Sometimes there’s so much movement, so much stylizing, that you can’t even figure out what you’re looking at.
If you’ve got ads and videos all smashed together, with no space for the eye to rest, people won’t be able to look at one thing at a time, and therefore won’t look at anything.
“Too cluttered” can also be a product of too much animation, too many menu items, and overwhelming number of links on the homepage, a distracting color scheme, or anything else that’s going to get in the way of your site visitors absorbing the content on your site

#3. Be generic
Your website can have interesting content, and plenty of eye-friendly design to help users from becoming overwhelmed, but what’s the use if they can’t tell if they are in the right place?
In a recent episode of “The Profit,” the company L.A. Dogworks displayed an interesting logo on the outside of their building with a clever slogan – but it wasn’t until you walked inside the building that you knew the company offered dog grooming, retail, boarding, etc. I’d hate to imagine how many prospective customers passed by L.A. Dogworks simply because they didn’t even know their needs could be met.