Magento extension by Magestore

More than twenty Magento extension by Magestore installed in ISARFOTO. Twenty one is the number of Magestore’s Magento extensions that Klaus Bothe has installed for his website Curious what extensions has he been using? Find out in this below interview with.
Hi Klaus, great to have a talk with you today. Our first question is, why did you choose Magento platform for your business?

We cooperated with some companies providing e-commerce solutions and they all highly recommended Magento platform. Besides, it fully fits our business’s needs.

Why did you select Magestore over other Magento solution providers?

The wide range of very wonderful and intelligent extensions especially designed for Magento platform is the reason we selected Magestore. We want to have the best possible solution from your company as a Partner.
How many Magestore extensions have you used so far?

Useful plugin to use: Magento estimate shipping method – Add Payment & Shipping Statuses in Magento® with the Order Status Extension.

What are they?

We have installed up to 21 extensions to our Magento system: Data transporter, FAQ, Membership, Product file viewer, Support ticket, Product Social media, Catalog permission, Auction, Social login, Banner pro, One step checkout, Store pickup, Instant search, Customer Reward, Product Offer, Image Option, Gift wrap, Group Deal, Gift Voucher, Product Contact and Shop by manufacturer.

But actually now we are using 8 extensions pretty well. They are: Shop by manufacturer, Product Contact , Customer Reward, Product Offer, Image Option, Gift wrap, Group Deal, Gift Voucher…

Which Magestore extensions do you like the most?

We love the Product Contact extension the most because we have chance to interact with the customers very fast.

We also feel satisfied with Gift Card, Gift voucher and Image Option extensions. They have worked very well right after we installed. For Image option extension, we could make more product options for customers to choose.
How has Magestore products impacted on your business in terms of sales, conversion rate, and customer care?

Over all the Product Offer extension is the most powerful extension that increased our sales and customers’ satisfaction.

The extension Gift voucher also works very professionally. It helps us attract more customers to purchase our products and more easily fit their demands. All extensions bring comfortable moments to our customers when they visit and shop our store.

Have you had great experience in using Magestore’s extensions?

Absolutely yes! I believe that Magestore is the ideal provider of Magento solutions for web-store owners. Most of extensions which we purchased run pretty well.

Have you had trouble with Magestore’s extensions? What do you think of our Support (response time, knowledge and etc)?

Sometimes we had some issue like how the extension should work (mainly translation options) – we experienced very professional support from Magestore. Your support team could fix all problems and solved our problems mostly overnight.

Any recommendations for people evaluating Magestore?

Running extensions from multiple providers may make your Magento system very slow. Using extensions of good quality from a single partner like Magestore will let you enjoy stable code and make the systems work the best.
Thanks for your detailed answers, Klaus! We wish you good luck and prosperity in your business!