A-B tests to enhance conversion rate

Rules to remember when carrying out A/B tests to enhance conversion rate

Rule#1: It doesn’t mean it will work for you if it worked for someone else.
If CRO were a repeatable process that worked the same way for every website every time, there would be no need for testing at all. Marketers would know the way all e-commerce websites perform, and everybody would apply the same rules.
Unluckily, this is not the case (and a world full of sameness would be rather boring anyway), which is why you must perform A/B testes on your own unique copy with your own distinctive audience. Sure, you can borrow ideas from other CRO-ers, but don’t expect the similar outcomes.
For example, let’s say Company A sells shoelaces and Company B sells enterprise computer software. Obviously, the buying cycle looks totally different for these two corporations, even if they have customers in common. Company A may find that replacing its basic call-to-action (CTA) button to green instead of red enhances sales by 75%. But, it is not likely that Company B would get similar results.